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What's the best way to select the right golf club size for your child? Different manufacturers of kids golf clubs provide different ways to fit your child: age range, height, and knuckle-to-ground measurements. We'll explore the pros and cons of each and determine which is the best. 


Age is a good starting point. It's useful for gifting because it's the easiest 'measurement' to figure out. However, this is a flawed method of measurement because children of the same age vary in height. For example, one 8-year old child can be much larger than another 8-year old. Almost all manufacturers provide age information on their kids golf clubs.


Height is the next best way to determine which club size is appropriate for a child. Most manufacturers provide height-ranges on their clubs. However, one limitation to this method of measurement is that children often have varying arm lengths.

Knuckle-to-Ground Measurement

Some manufacturers, like Paragon, will provide knuckle-to-ground measurements for their kids set. Knuckle-to-ground measurement for fitting kids golf clubs will yield the best fit because this measurement takes into account height and differences in arm length. sameheightdifferentarms.png

As you can see from the figure above, a child with shorter arms may need longer clubs, and a child with longer arms may need shorter clubs. 

Finding out the knuckle-to-ground measurement of your child is very easy. Have your child stand up straight and take a measuring tape and measure the distance between the ground and his/her knuckles. If you don't have a measuring tape available, have your child stand by a wall and mark off with a pencil where his/her knuckles reach, and you can measure that distance with a ruler.