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When buying golf clubs for kids, you want to take into consideration accessories as well. Here at My Kids Golf Clubs, we offer free shipping on orders over $75 so you might as well tack on some accessories and save on shipping! But which accessories are absolutely necessary and which are nice to have? Here's a list:

Must-Have Kids Golf Accessories

kidsgolfglove.jpgKids Golf Glove - Every golfer knows that a proper grip ensures a proper swing. A glove increases the friction between the hand and the grip, minimizing the rotation of the club upon impact and also allowing the golfer to not have to hold the grip as firmly for a proper swing. This is no different for kids golf gloves. A glove is worn on one hand - right-handed golfers put a glove on their left hand, and left-handed golfers put a glove on their right.

kidsgolfballs.jpgKids Golf Balls - Kids have slower swing speeds so the compression of the ball is important. The lower compression rating of kids golf balls allows them to hit further, improving their game, and thus allowing them to have more fun. Since kids tend to hit balls into the water more often, some kids golf balls float in the water so you can more easily extract them with a ball retriever. Check out our kids golf floater balls which come in a lot of fun colors!

tees.jpgTees - Tees are absolutely essential for driving. Don't forget to pick up tees for your child! The standard tee is 2 3/4" and we have them in packs of 50, 100, and 500.

Towel - Golf towels are essential to keep your golf clubs, golf balls, and face
clean. Be sure that the towel you use to clean your child's face is different from the towel you use to clean his golf equipment! 

Nice-to-Have Kids Golf Accessories

Junior Pull Golf CartJunior Pull Carts - While not an essential accessory, a junior pull cart will allow your child to enjoy a round of golf without having to carry his clubs around the course. Paragon's Junior Golf Pull Cart is made out of durable, light-weight steel and fits most junior golf sets. It is available is in both black and pink colors.

Foam Practice BallsPractice Balls - Practice balls are ideal for situations in which your kids have limited to room to hit balls around. They fly 1/3 the distance of regular golf balls and are safe for both outdoor and indoor use (as long as they watch where they're swinging!). They're great for practicing putting around the house. Dad and junior can compete in a makeshift mini-golf obstacle course around the house. They're great fun and perfect for working on your game in bad weather.

Hats and Visors - Golf hats and golf visors protect your child from the sun, especially when your child spends a lot of time out practicing. Not only should you apply sunblock to your child's face, but you should also invest in a hat to provide additional protection. 

Golfdotz ballsGolfdotz Golf Ball IDs - Golfdotz are the perfect way for your kids to customize their golf balls. No longer will kids have to deal with messy sharpie markers. With Golfdotz, kids are able to find their golf balls easier, and kids have more fun playing golf!