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Tips for Buying Kids Golf Clubs

When kids are learning to play basketball or soccer, you can roll out a ball and they can start playing. Not a lot of equipment is needed. Golf, on the other hand, is a game where the right equipment can make a big difference. And the wrong equipment can sometimes make an even bigger difference. The good news is that kids golf clubs are far superior now than they have ever been. There are a number of manufacturers making clubs specifically for young golfers. You can find terrific kids golf clubs in pre-packaged sets, as well as custom fitted clubs. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for your child’s golf clubs.


The length of the club is trickier for young golfers because they are still growing. So you want to find a set of clubs that is the right length, but allows some room for your young golfer to grow. It actually is okay for a youngster to choke down on the club, but you don’t want them moving their hands way down the grip. The basic rule is if your child is choking down more than an inch and a half or two inches, they are choking down too much.

Choking down that much or more can alter their swing dramatically. They become more concerned with getting their very long club around their body, creating problems they don’t need. Look for a set of clubs that they might have to choke down only an inch. That will give them a club they can swing naturally, and still allow enough room for growth that you might be able to get an extra year of use out of them.


One of the biggest problems with using cut down adult clubs for young golfers is the increased stiffness of the shaft. When you cut 4 to 6 inches off the length of the club, it results in a much stiffer shaft. Using clubs with extremely stiff shafts makes it extremely difficult to get any height on your shots.

Now that manufacturers are designing and making clubs specifically for young golfers, they are making shafts with the correct amount of flex for their swings. The use of graphite has also resulted in kids clubs that are more flexible and play much better.


We’ve all laughed at cute little kids trying to swing a baseball bat that weighs as much as they do. It’s cute, but you don’t want to replicate that with your child’s golf clubs. A club that is too heavy will make it difficult to take the club to the top of the backswing and maintain balance. You need to find a set of clubs that is light enough for your child to handle easily enough to get it in the correct position at the top of their swing.


Have you ever tried to swing a club with an oversize grip? The chances of a young golfer getting a grip that is too big are much greater. An oversize grip will change their swing mechanics, so make sure your child’s clubs are fitted with junior grips. It will make a big difference in your child’s game. And that will make a big difference in their enjoyment of the game.