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Tips on Junior Golf Clubs

If you are someone who loves golf, you know how great the game is. And, no doubt, you want to share this incredible game with your kids or your grandchildren. The good news is that kids are gravitating towards golf in larger numbers and at earlier ages than ever before. Be careful, though, that your excitement to share the joy of the game doesn’t turn into pushing your child into something they might not want to do yet. Here are three tips on how to get your child or grandchild interested in the game and wanting their first set of junior golf clubs.

Number 1: Keep It Fun

First, take a realistic look at your child and pick an appropriate level to introduce them to golf. If your child is three years old and is just becoming aware of golf, then they will probably enjoy a set of toy clubs, something that’s fun and they can play with anywhere. If they are a little older, you might take them to the driving range. Again, using junior golf clubs instead of choking up on adult clubs will make it more fun. Keep it low stress and more about spending some time together. Don’t worry about teaching your child how to swing correctly. Whatever kind of swing they’re taking, once they connect with the ball, they will be hooked on golf. You might even bring along some of their friends, so when they think about golf, they automatically think “fun.”

Number 2: Don’t Push Too Hard

Pushing children is one of the surest ways to get them to turn off to whatever we’re pushing. The parent who is overly involved in their child’s sport ruins the game for their child. Don’t try to live your dreams through your child. Don’t push your child to practice and practice. Golf should be fun, not a job. Encourage your child to enjoy the game. Be positive and only offer advice when asked for it. When we really love something, we can’t wait to share it. Sometimes we bring so much emotional energy to our attempts to share, that people can be turned off. So keep it light, and focused on the positive.

Number 3: Use Appropriate Equipment

The right equipment can mean the difference between a great experience and a disaster. As mentioned in “Keep It Fun” a very young child will probably get far more enjoyment from a set of toy clubs than more advanced equipment. The next step up would be a set of golf clubs that is made for them, not cut down adult clubs. When adult clubs are cut down, it results in a much stiffer shaft, so kids have a tougher time getting loft on their ball. After watching some beautiful rainbow shots on television, they might become frustrated if they’re hitting nothing but line drives and worm burners. My Kids Golf Clubs can help you with the proper size, and the proper level. You might be better off with a less expensive set until you’re sure your child has really taken to the game. You can also help keep the game fun with some of the more whimsical golf accessories we feature for kids, such as animal-shaped club covers, brightly colored golf balls, and more.

Introduce your child to golf, but then let them take the lead. Provide them access to the right kind of clubs and a chance to play, and watch their love for the game grow.